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Paints for 2020 Bell Moto 9 Flex by Frosty122


Hey guys, I’ve done some paints for the new Moto 9 Flex released by Stonerider. There is Multiple colourways for the top 3 in the picture. One design is just the carbon sydrome design filled in with colour and one is a replica of Brett Cue’s helmet. The rest are some that I came up with. Doing helmets was a major pain in photoshop so some things are not perfect. Hope you enjoy them! Big thanks goes out to Stonerider, Conceptgraff, and Yann for releasing this and the PSD for everyone!

To install drag .pnt files in to the paints folder in the Bell Moto 9 Flex Folder
ex. DocumentsPiBoSoMX Bikesmodsriderhelmets2020BELLpaints

Forum Post to Download Bell Moto 9 Flex Helmet if you don’t have it

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