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Pastrana 199 Suzuki 2 Stroke (Works on both the 125 & 250)


Used a Template from Buzz Cooksey for the RM 125&250. Check out his MXB mods account for the template and plenty more templates for pretty much every OEM bike. I changed some colors around and added different logos. Front fender and number plate is the same (Minus the Red Suzuki logos and Pastrana 199 I added), Fork guards, swingarm, and seat I did not touch. His discord is @xbuzzx_inkwell, and this link is if you want to send him some money for all he does for the MXB Mods community

(PS his template DOES NOT include the frame & pipe in this livery)

Any feedback is welcome, always looking to improve and make changes, if anything is wrong with the livery let me know and I can make changes and update it.

As always send me a message on Discord if you want your name and number on the livery free of charge!


Total downloads: 100

Pastrana 199

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