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PC MXON Kawasaki Public (w/PSD)


MXON Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX250

I used the Throttle Syndicate Kit for 2022, with a few changes for technical reasons to make it look better in game or because pictures of the left side of the bike were not available. I also used the article on Shimoda’s bike to help with some of the details. It works best with the OEM Team model swaps, but nothing was changed that will affect the look without them.

This is the first bike paint that I have been happy enough with to submit, and it now includes the PSD so you can add your name and number if you wish. Works on the 450, and I have included everything necessary to change it to the 450 in the PSD. I have done a lot of work on the spec and reflections to make it look better in game, including simulating how the graphics would reflect light differently than the plastics. Some may find it off-putting, but I personally like it.

It includes my personal paint along with the public paint, but you can skip downloading mine to save hard drive space.



Special thanks to

  • The OEM Team including Phantomz, L21, GreenLenux, Cody James, Insane for the model, PSD, and import. It has been incredibly rewarding to learn using their resources.
  • TFC for the Bike stand and template.
  • Frosty122 for all of the help on discord. Sometimes I just sort by his name to study.
  • logn341 for help sharpening in game textures.
  • MeatPie for miscellaneous help.


Since I included a custom bike stand paint for TFC’s Matrix M64 Stand that is not required, but the link for download can be found at:

TFC’s Matrix M64 Stand

My Stand paint is tied to the Black Stand, as TFC instructed in the post on the forum above.


Mod dependencies

This mod by giopanda is needed:

[release v1.0] Dunlop Geomax MX33 + Excel Signature rims

Mod Instructions

Drop each .pnt file you'd like into MX Bikes\mods\bikes\MX2OEM_2023_Kawasaki_KX250\paints

Replace Targas w/ anything you have edited.
I have left my name and number on it so you can easily find them by clicking and changing to your own.
I have left the gas tank name and number blank on the spec and alpha channels, make sure to add that if you add your name and number to the tank.
Targas saved as "_s" are redundant as the game pulls that info from the alpha channel of the normal texture.


Total downloads: 2227

2023 MXON PC Kawasaki [USA] GIMP

Changelog 2

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