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PC TI-6 Pro Exhaust-Suzuki


sorry for the bad thumbnail but anyways.This Is the pc ti-6 Pro exhaust for the Suzuki, since Logn made Roczen Suzuki Bike and he released the psd with no exhaust ive went and made it for the 2023 Roczen Bike and for peoples personal Use Its also a TGA FILE so Enjoy

UPDATE: Added New exhausts, These are the new exhaust that I made One is like a little blue and the other one is a full like purple and blue exhaust. I Tried different patterns and these are the ones I landed on.EXHAUST.tga is the Original one that i made, EXHAUST1.tga Is the sightly blue one and EXHAUST2.tga is the full blue one. For Exhaust 1 and 2.  just rename it too exhaust .tga




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