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Pelster’s Bill’s Pipes Yamaha 2t


Hi everyone, today I’m releasing this wonderful bike made specially for Pelsty Pelster!

This bike was first made for the 450 and 250 YZF, but I’ve decided to port it to the brand new 2022 YZ. This bike comes with a Bill’s Pipes exhaust (the best pipes in the world), and a LOT of tiny details everywhere. The silencer was made by yours truly, and the cone pipe was made but Oneshot, big shout out to ma man!

The zip contains a black plate and a white plate, both skins can be used on the 125 and the 250.

As always, more pictures below. Have fun!


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OH yes. much mmhmm. tasty cone piip. very kewt. wll dwnld


Mix gas and haul ass!

Awesome work as per usual greeno!

Huracán Honcho

this is so dope! amazing work on the pipe. always hyped to see a new post from the guy who made the bill’s pipe

Cody James

nice bike guy


here the ping, see the smoke, you have just been passed by a 2 stroke


Can I lick it?


dang smexy af this! big ups!

Edits By Shaka

Sick man where do get the psd files with all palstic and parts?