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Had this idea couple months ago but dropped it, now redone it with a little hacks here and there.

This track might be helpful for content creators to make some screenshots of your creations, especially bike paints and so on.

Some examples:

The track comes in different layouts which are selectable in the game track selection starting as “insanePhotobooth – ” followed by:

default “insanePhotobooth – single/team green”

The “Photo” mode sets your bike in front of a green wall, and the pit area is lined up along the big green wall.


“Photo” mode sets your bike in front of a white wall.


Pit area is lined up in front of the big white wall.


“Photo” mode sets your bike in front of a black wall.


Pit area is lined up in front of the big black wall.


“Photo” mode sets your bike in front of a black/white wall.

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0 - 19.5 MB
Photoshop CC Preset
To remove the green screen from your picture.
Install into your Photoshop Presets folder.
First remove the green screen with the color range filter, and then use the selective color filter.
0 - 75 B

Mod Instructions

Extract "photos" folder into your mods/tracks/ folder.

Tracks will be found in the "photos" category then.

To host one of those you need to select the track "insanePhotobooth" and use the layout "single_black" or anything else.

Support insane!

Any support is greatly appreciated! ♥

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Cody James

Sick thanks! Been asking for somthing like this for a while


Wow I’ve been wishing for something like this for a while now. My idea was to create a small map just for shooting photos of bikes on the stand in game with a killer back drop and good lighting. Thanks man cant wait to check it out.