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Pirata Valley


My Dear MX BIKES Friends!

PIRATA VALLEY is out now my friends!!!

actually i workt alot on this map! its all from imagination and all the objects and textures are all from scratch!

Only the skyboxes are from my friend and awsom track builder ConsumingClouds! stay tuned for our future works in collab!!!

it includes a very rough mx track, two sx tracks, one hugh freeride track also a FMX area and Jumps all around the map!

there is also pyramid with a galactical portal! if u find the way trough it, u will earn with a little easter egg a very special and unice mod rider model!

the terrain is also all from imagination and inspiration from my big travels around the world. so i thought i place the track in Guatemala! and like in every of my tracks u can find my chilling in the map somwhere playing the blues! and maybe there some other people around there also 😉

Credits to

MX PAFIZ for the Video Edit

ConsumingClouds for Skyboxes (night and day)




Track Info

Track ID: Pirata Valley

Soil Types (track materials)

Soft Soil


Total downloads: 1652

Made for Beta 18.

Pirata Valley.pkz

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