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Piru MX Track (work in progress)


Hey guys,

This is the very first track I will be uploading to this game. I am currently working on creating 3d models but figured I would push the track out to get some suggestions and see what people think first. If anyone would like to help me out with the 3d modeling at all HMU on the MXB mods official discord and ill add u.

Id like to thank

  • Resolute track builder from resolute kraken
  • TFC building tutorials
  • PiBoso track build tools

Without that info this track wouldn’t even be a thing. Hope you guys enjoy the track and I’ll see you on a server!!

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Made for Beta 17.

Low Quality
media fire link

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Alright, I wasn’t sure, but I think you have a good base to work off of here. I had to try it since I live near this track IRL and ALWAYS looked at it while making our riding trips to the desert. I always wanted to ride there, but they’ve recently closed it in the last few years. It was s moderately dangerous track. From what I can tell, you have actually captured the way this thing wrapped around the hill REALLY well. I would LOVE to see where this track goes as you develop it. Some good deformation, and touch ups here and there. There is some surprising flow here! Keep it going man, you have the flow part down and it feels really good moving around on it. It’s definitely a draft, but I think it’s a very good draft! <3 Much love!


Suuu wooooo


first comp edge and now piru. all the tracks i rode finally coming to the game. now we need racetown 395, cal city and avmx


The track is fun, but it could use some shading on some of the jump faces and corners, at some points it was a little hard to tell what was what.


I think you are missing something in your texture files. you can see a dark “shadow” moving across the ground as you ride around


I always wanted to ride this thing after seeing Kevin Windham ripping it up at practice day on youtube, so looking forward to the finished version. Great for an early draft; just keep improving I’m sure you will do good. Smooth some of the tight berms out and spend a lot of time on the off track it will be badass