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Pleasant Valley Raceway


This track’s layout is based on a real track that no longer exists. I’ve spent a few months building this track, it is my first one. Hope you all enjoy!

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Pleasant Valley Raceway

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Cody James

Looks sick! more pics with be cool to, to get a better view of the track before download


not too bad for a firsty, texture work might have be a bit better. Also changing the sun position is pretty helpful. Can’t see anything in the sand section as long as it’s not deformed.


Agreed, the track is great, but the textures actually make it harder to see. I think the sand section after the start gate has a cool flow, but I can barely see where the jumps end.


The tracks feel good to ride on, the layouts work well.
But you can’t see a whole lot of the ground and the obstacles and bumps when riding, which can make it quite hard, that might need a little tweaking, great job otherwise!


this track is amazing