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Poor Boyz MX




Welcome to Poor Boyz MX! This is my first attempt at track building and I’d love to hear your feedback so I can make better tracks in the future.

There are 3 raceable tracks included – the main motocross track, a pit bike track, and a trail loop that weaves around the map and crosses over the main track. All 3 layouts have 42 pits and 40 gates for maximum chaos. Or you can just chill and mess around in the corn field FMX circuit.

The Main motocross track Is a replica of a private backyard track in Southern Ontario, Canada that I used to ride regularly before I unfortunately had to hang up the helmet. I wanted to create a track for all skill levels to enjoy, so being close to 1:1 scaling its not hard to get over the jumps. The fast guys will separate themselves by how hard they can scrub, and the 450 or factory 250 riders can hit a couple bigger sends that the smaller bikes will have to check up and double. The track layout is true to life with the exception of being widened and scaled up a bit to work better in game. I’ve also added roughness in specific areas and more ruts in the corners in an attempt to eliminate any OP lines and give more useable options during a race. The goal with this build was to replicate the feeling of riding a real life, not perfectly maintained amateur training track. The track was tested on all bikes from the 125s to the 450s and it’s a lot of fun on all of them, becoming more technical the further to the inside you go and the more CCs you roll off the virtual trailer.


The pit bike track isn’t supercross style like you often see but is essentially a worn-down kids motocross track. There are no real designated doubles or triples it just feels more like a neglected kids learning track. I wasn’t planning on making it raceable, but… I tend to get carried away. I’ve found it to be the most fun on the 4t pit bike and cant imagine the chaos with a full gate, but good luck.


The trails are about a 3 minute loop and are a lot of fun on all bikes but especially the enduro bikes. The trees bite, so bring your hand guards. A full gate through these trails could be… interesting.


I have to give a huge shout out to everyone that helped me get the track to a state I was satisfied with releasing.


Objects: Endo, Earthwurx, Red Rider, Fluffy gecko, Cody James, Kellz, Para Moto, GioPanda, and Typical Canadian for the custom shed/deck

Tutorials: TFC, Resolute Kraken, Jesse Mulock, Niko Mouk.

Track Testers: Skilz, Jenkins, Tempo, Sinfulishy, New Guy, Frosty, Typical Canadian, Steeler, Dylan Frisch, Red Rider, Arsenic, Dblu, Ryan Cardno, Calum.

Thanks to iNsane for all he does for the community, and the .pkz locker. Resolute Kraken for his amazing track builder and PiBoSo for the game.

If I forgot to mention anyone I’m sorry, there’s so many of you and my brain is mush.

And an extra special thanks to Frosty, Typical Canadian, Jesse Mulock, Red Rider, Baked Minotaurs, Kruegs, Endo, and the EarthWurx discord for putting up with my constant questions, my usually self-caused issues, and taking the time to help me get this completed.  I would have given up on this a long time ago if it wasn’t for you.


Server layout names for Dedi hosts:

Motocross track- leave blank

Pit Bike track – PB

Trails – Trails




Total downloads: 17531

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

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SERVER version

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