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PtiBike Full Pack include 2T_125cc + PitTrack


Original Authors : GDUBMX, RC4187


In this pack you have all the Pitbikes : || Dirt || Sm | Dirt 125cc | and also the pitbike track.

Just copy/paste into your Mx bikes mods folder everything is done automatically.


EnJoY and Have Fun



I have for principle to make everyone benefit including those who do not know how to install a mod so with this kind of folder, nothing simpler just copy/paste and it’s done. Take full advantage of your new mods

Update link : 25/12/2020

!!!! Important !!!!
I’m not the author of his mods, I just share with the community and don’t get any benefit from it, I would like to especially thank all the modders whoever they are for their time and their precious work on MxBikes.
!!!! Important !!!!


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