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Racine (MX Unleashed) – Version 2


Nothing drastically different than my original version of Racine, but I tweaked some jump lips and removed areas of roughness/ruts. This update is to just make the track overall a little bit easier, as well as some very minor changes to textures. Keep in mind that this is still not meant to be a beginner-level track, so if this is still too hard for you then it’s a skill issue.

Racine (Original Version):

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Made for Beta 17.

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“OTTO” Otto_Rocket

my mans straight callin the skill gap out lol. I love it. GG


version 1 was a blast and this one even though it’s a bit easier, is much more fun! it’s true, if you can’t ride this go ride something easier.


Cool idea. Too hard. Poor execution.


Kidding. I haven’t rode it yet. But I love to ride Hurren, so Im sure it will be frikin schweeet!


Now that some rough areas are cleared its a LOT better to do on a 250 and 125 especially on 125’s. Great work love the small changes


I’m curious, did you ever try changing the soil type to something softer? I always thought the hard pack soil is what made this track so difficult cause it makes the bumps and landings seem to hit harder than other tracks, and with so many steep hills and jumps that gets pretty tricky to manage. This version is certainly a little easier tho, but still a fun challenge

Last edited 2 months ago by Some_Doofus

stil not easy to ride bud crazy fun to ride even i suck on it… still 5/5 stars lad..



your compound isnt showing in my game after i paid for it. any help?