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RDMX Designs CRF450R (Fixed!)


My first livery for the 2021 crf450r i hope you like it and will give me feedback.

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Mod Instructions

Now fixed, delete the old RDMX file in you crf450 paint folder and put in the new one, hope you enjoy!

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I love your bike!! It reminds me of the Honda’s barcia and canard rode back in 2012 or 2013.
Looks just like em.
What’s wrong with the old file?


Do you mean show up like when your picking your bike and gear etc. or show up when you loaded on to the track?


I had the same problem when recently I tried to learn gimp so I could add the actual supercross style font on some of the bikes other people made in order to make them look like pro riders in the game cause we dont have many of those and wanted to have abunch of ghosts like real riders since we dont have ai riders yet. So anyways I found that when packing files into game i needed to use the names they had originally when i unpacked them. then i could name them whatever i wanted it to show up in game as but they wouldnt appear unless i used the original names that the author had used to load when in paint ed like 2021crf or fc livery, i hope that makes sense. Just started trying to learn this stuff so Im not good at explaining it.


Hey bud I have a question for you. I was wondering if I should upload the bikes like this one of yours that I added super cross style numbers on Incase anyone else wants to have ghosts that look like riders in real life or want to ride bikes like real riders. I don’t like any of in game fonts.
I would give all the credit to you of course. I don’t want any credit at all. Would specify it’s your bike and to thank you. I’ll ask other people that I used their bikes too. I don’t want to upset anyone and just trying to be nice. They came out really good. I did numbers 10, 18, 33, 41 and 51 on yours. Please let me know cause if it bothers you then I won’t bother uploading. Thanks


ok thank you and of course you get all the credit! I’m just adding numbers. I will make it very clear all credit goes to you and i just added numbers. I will also add link to your original post and ask everyone to thank you and not me. Thanks again, this made my ghosts look so much better! And thanks for being cool about this, I’m sure people will like having numbers like this rather than the ugly in game fonts.