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Realistic engine for 2011 ktm exc125


Made using the dyno graph in the thumbnail. Also added a rev limiter in the cfg file and tweaked sounds.

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Mod Instructions

Replace the included files in your ktmvlm folder


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Actually the engine file isn’t like the dyno
For example, at point 5 “58.33333333, 29.47434783” means that it has about 13.3hp at 3500rpm, and that’s not like the dyno graph you posted where you have 7hp at the same rpm


Hello Sureffi! Is nice to see someone trying to better engine maps, since metrics ingame are different of data in real life i can understand your struggle. Although great try! There’s more values linked to the engine (ex:inertia in bike.cfg) which dictates how the rpm grown will act that will help you get same hp/torque as happens in dyno test.
Thanks for share your engine map, could help people understand older values/newer values and how they affect the ride itself.