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Reborn Valley


This is Reborn Valley, my attempt to bring Prairie Valley from Mx vs ATV Reflex into MXBikes. It looks a little different, I wanted to make it like it would be today, with the last races being held in the Reflex era.

The starting gate has a small hill where your back tires are, and it allows for all bikes to have a much easier start, similar to how a holeshot device works.

There is an enduro trail with cool jumps and a canyon. I made a small supercross training area hidden in the hills.

There are easter eggs



Resolute Kraken – track building tool

Kellz and Cody’s tree pack

Red Rider water assets

Baked Minotaur – Rut Normal Tutorial

Calum: Two Two Designs – jump and berm template

Testers – Calum: Two Two Designs, ReedtkFilms24, Slipp Films


Total downloads: 7356

Made for Beta 18.

Server version

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