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Reddick MX, Florida


Update 2-16-23: Made some slight changes to the SX track

What’s up everyone! Back again with another Florida track. This is Reddick Motocross, or Motocross of Marion County.

If you raced in Florida within the last 15 years then you should know this track really well. Reddick hosted the Gold Cup series, Winter Ams, Florida Series and many other series throughout the years. Unfortunately people have to be jerks and complain about noise, so the track is shut down. This track was arguably the best track in Florida for many years. I just want to keep the memory alive by bringing the track into MX Bikes.

These tracks break down super nicely imo so putting deform between 1-2 seems to be perfect, allows breaking bumps to form better & ruts as well

There are 2 versions of this track, the main motocross version and the small supercross version. The sx track is ok, I didnt spend as much time on it as the main track, but you should still find some enjoyment out of it.

Also, I didn’t reinstall my reshade since I got a new pc so if the track textures are too bright try turning off reshade

To install them, open the zipped file & drag both the reddickmx.pkz & reddickSx.pkz into your track folder

I want to take the time to thank;

TFC- tutorials, track assets (water truck, skies)

Ryan – Garage Pack

Phantomz – Skid Steer

Giopanda – Track Assets (track markers, tent)

Cody – Trees pack (THE REAL MVP HERE)

Everyone on discord, Typical Canadian, Jesse Mulock, Ruubs, Red, everyone. Without the help from y’all none of this would be possible

If I forgot to thank anyone, I am so sorry. Please call me out so I can adjust the post

Any issues please let me know and I will work on fixing it. Thanks for checking it out and as always, stay baked B)


P.S. : I’m finally motivated to finish Billy Goat Ranch, so be on the look out for that compound to be finished soon!

Mod Instructions

Unzip the folder, open Reddick Mx & Sx folder & drag both .pkz into your track folder


Total downloads: 1211

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.


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