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REIX 2021 | Resolute Enduro Indoor eXtreme


Welcome to Resolute Enduro Indoor eXtreme (REIX).  This track is a replica of the SEIX (Super Enduro Indoor eXtreme – facility in Ocaña, Spain.  The SEIX track was designed by team Sherco rider Mario Roman.  This track was created as a beginner level Endurocross/SuperEnduro course in preparation for more advanced tracks to be released as part of a future EX series in 2022.

Just like anything, it takes some practice to do endurocross in MXB so if you don’t have the patience to learn then you probably want to keep moving past this post.  If you are having problems with slow physics – just go faster.

My tracks are mainly made for my own riding enjoyment while learning new tools and methods in Blender. This track took roughly 3 months and 300+ hours to create. Most of the time was spent on the environment models, baking shadow maps for all those objects, and the terrain masks using those shadow maps.  The heightmaps were created entirely in Blender. I’ve tried to make it as close to 1:1 scale as possible while still being rideable and fun in MXB.  A lot of experimentation and testing was done to work around the MXB physics for the EX obstacles. This was mainly done with the use of two heightmaps.

Special Thanks:
– GreenLenux for custom wall art, logos, and bike model
– iNsane for bike model and EDF conversion + information on FRM file format
– Osmeralda for log base model
– JV for water tank model
– GioPanda for base fence model and trailer tires




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Man, this so original ! Thx a lot for this track and all you do for Mx Bikes !


this where billy bolt slammed his elbow in the door




This is iNsane! Good work Res


Track is so much fun. Cant wait to ride with friends! Thank you for everything you do, RK. You da man!




This is so much fun! Killed it Reso. 100%


Just my way small way of saying thanks and showing appreciation for all you do for the community and game. I remember when I first started playing, I was on TNMX struggling and you gave me some bike settings to help me out. Been a massive fan ever since.


This is Awesome, thanks for all the stuff you do for the community. Tracks Tools and help you are an MVP for MXBikes thank you!


Hi! How can I install It? Because i had paste the pkz file in mods/tracks and when i enter the map all my screen is black unless the start line. Thanks for the work!

Free4Gs I Privateer

this is great man… i might have to get more into enduro


so mint thanks Resolute Kraken


Awesome track, Bravo sir!

I’m convinced mods dont work for me


you did buy the game though?


Awesome track, super unique. Thanks for the hard work!