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Resolute MXB Server Manager v.1.5.11


I created this application to make it easier for users to configure and run dedicated MXB servers.  See full details in the forum post.

Standard Feature List:

  • Configure one (1) MXB dedicated server.
  • Start, restart, and stop the dedicated server.
  • Auto-restart server on crash.
  • Configurations are saved in application.
  • Multiple languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese).

PRO License Feature List:

  • Configure and run multiple MXB Dedicated Servers.
  • Copy & Paste existing server configuration to a new server.
  • Export server configuration to file.
  • Modify and set your own Message of the Day (MOTD).
  • Administer dedicated servers running on remote machines without logging into the machine (i.e. cloud hosted VMs).
  • Run in “Client” only mode to administer remote servers.
  • Remote admin commands
  • Live timing
  • Global Ban List support –
  • Auto-update track list with actual names when mods folders is modified
  • More features to come!

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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).
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absolute legend for making this! thanks man!


its not working anymore, I cannot find my tracks and everything is the same as before. I now have no IP displayed and no tracks to start a server?.


how does everyone else get the servers


If by that you mean how they get multiple servers you will have to pay for the pro license… $5 to be able to do anything you want with the server is not bad after all, and you’re supporting the creator!


If that doesn’t answer your question i suggest watching this video all the way through Kraken explains everything.


Great server manager easy to use and fun once you get everything going. One thing that took me awhile to get though was in the top left in settings is a udp port setting, min and max if you have these 2 set to anything other than 54212 basically nobody can join your server. Probably was in the manual, either way its fixed and the server is running great! Thanks kraken you’re a beast! 5 stars!

Last edited 4 months ago by Iroh

top notch as per


Why is it only for the Standalone version? 🙁


because you will be playing your steam version. while the server manager uses the standalone. You can use the demo version for servers.