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Resolute MXB Track Builder Helper v.1.1.4


I created this application to help MXB track builders to create valid text files that are needed for the tracks.  It will help new track builders avoid common mistakes and give experienced track builders a more streamlined build process.

Feature List:

  • Creates text files for: HMF, THT, AMB, SSC, INI, GFX, SHD.
  • Validates heightmap for Power of 2 (+1 pixel).
  • Validates textures and masks for correct format, Power of 2 dimensions, and needed alpha channels.
  • Creates shader (SHD) files for your textures.
  • Import existing project files.
  • Uses the PiBoSo track tools in a central location – no need to copy them to each track project you have.
  • Allows for use of spaces in track folder names.
  • SHD editor for your model textures
  • And many more useful features

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User Manual - RTFM

Changelog 2

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