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Ride The Trackmap! Ep1 R1 Anaheim 1


Each week I’ll be releasing a ‘Ride The Trackmap!’ track video, subscribe to the YouTube to keep up.. These tracks are fully racable and just for fun. We’ll then ride the track of the week on Sunday evening after the real race in a stream, discussing all the action from the weekend.

This isn’t a rip of the trackmap, I take the texture and use it as a guide to place my own supercross sections. Everything is made by me except the trackmap which is given out to the public to use for promotion.

I doubt I’ll get round to making them look more like the real life trackmaps this year, but maybe next if people like the series and it helps the channel grow.

Thanks and enjoy.


The MotoX Collective.


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Just put the PKZ in your 'Tracks' folder. It's locked, so that's all you need to do.

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Nice track, but it’s a little bit overscaled/wide compared to real life. Unless that’s what you were going for.


i think the upscaling lends more of a compliment to the actual physics of this game and make the track feel less congested. i think with a little work this is the direction to head for more competitive racing with over 20 people on these sx tracks. 1:1 just isnt the ratio


if the effort to make this was low, this is incredible. start posting these tracks the monday before the Aerial SX races and watch everyone blow a gasket.
10/10 will download and ride round 2


This is a kick ass idea! Thanks MXC!


its like the easy version of the aerial series haha
nice track but i follow tombo’s meaning 😉