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Rider Neck Skin Color Options


I decided to redo this a bit and simplify it. Should be a color just right for everybody. 🙂 You can always tweak either one if you want a different tone too. ZIP folder includes folders lettered A thru D, and each folder has a PNG so you can preview the neck color options.



PLEASE NOTE: This applies on a per-paint basis, so every gear set you want it on, youโ€™ll need to apply it to it. Any paint file (.PNT) that doesnโ€™t have the rider skin color files (.TGA) packed into it with PaintEd will not show the option you want.



If youโ€™d like me to add your name, number, etc. to anything I make, HMU on Discord: actuallybuzz#3552


More uploads on here and on my YouTube channel coming real soon! Thanks for the support yall!

Mod Instructions

Add face_parts.tga and face_parts_n.tga to same folder as rider.tga, pack with Painted.


Total downloads: 220

Rider Neck Skin Color Options

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