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Rolling alley


i didnt really wanna get into models since they had gave me a headache so here you go the map contains 2 tracks and no the concrete isnt actually concrete its dirt so it wont screw your tires and it is mostly fun jumps if you wanna stay tuned to my track making adventure prepare yourself for the next one i have in mind feel free to text me anything or suggest anything for the next track i do plan on (its going to be another silly ah track so suggest to me any jump type or something

rolling alley i thought would have some kinda “lore” behind it not really i just wanted it to be a blown up bowling alley and the track formed

(no bowling alleys were harmed in the making)

lap times are being worked on track editor is currently being a ass to me


Total downloads: 1008

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

Rolling alley

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