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Red Water


Hey guys! Quick little upload here. I wanted to make things easier when it comes to tracks with water planes.

Here is a PSD so you can adjust the color to your needs.

Apply this texture to the plane you make for your “water”.

Make sure to replace the “env” folder with your own project “env” folder (better results)

Watch Reso’s tutorial on how to do reflections but most importantly how to take the map viewer shot.

Reso’s video  >><<<

If you don’t want the transparency you can adjust this in the texture (color map) by just deleting the alpha layer.


*Update* I relocated the fbx water plane to (0,0,0) Honestly didn’t realize I included an fbx it was just supposed to be textures but now it’s located in the center to easily find. You’ll have to scale this or make your own and when you scale it, you’ll have to learn about how to tile textures in Blender (UV scale) otherwise you’re just scaling up this texture if you have a big body of water.

Here is a video on how to scale UV in blender


Mod Instructions

Apply this water texture to the plane you make in Blender for your "water". Watch Resolute Krakens video on Reflections to make your own reflection map for your project.


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