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SA Enduro Park


SA Enduro Park

So, I have been working on this for a few months now and I honestly can make so many minor tweaks to it… But for the sake of getting it out there I have decided I am done!!! Although there are no rocks and logs I will be working on that between now and my next post so there will be an update and you will see the reason why this update is necessary in a few months… (;

What to do???
You can explore the South African terrain and enjoy the hills and scenery which includes dried up rivers, hills, dams etc. You can explore the woods where a bunch on trails meet up some take you up the hills and some take you to the lower parts of the park but wherever you are there’s always a location to go and explore and play around in!! Race the loop with your friends and enjoy the sound of nature in the trees!!! If you bored of the main loop go make your own and ride on it with your buddies!! Try to make the most difficult trail out there and let me know if you found one!!!

Credit where credits due

Lynds-For showing me this game in his awesome videos!!!

Redrider-For his awesome assets!!

GioPanda-For arguably the best assets mega pack!!!

MoukLab-For some of the best tutorials on objects etc.

TFC-For the very helpful tutorial series

Resolute Kraken-For the Track builder helper

If I missed anyone, please let me know!!!

Enough waffling around here is some preview pictures!!!

Hope it’s fun!!! And please let me know your thoughts in the comments



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