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Sakura Beach Mx


Sakura Beach Mx is an island paradise with a lot to offer for your spring break plans.

MX Track – Sand traction on top but its a fairly thin layer and below that is soft soil traction so the deformation ruts will be grippy. The in-game erode ruts form well in testing so it will be good for high erode activities

Freeride Dunes – Surrounding the track are dunes for endless jump combos

Tubular waves – I have made improvements in my wave making technology since Daytona and now have the ability to make the waves have tubes and spray

Paved trail – Wheelie enthusiasts will enjoy the paved trail.

World Famous Island Home – I modeled the Kame House from the Dragon Ball universe (look closely into the front window) and if anyone wants to use it on their track here is a link to download the blender model, fbx file, and textures –

I hope you have a good day.


Credits –

Resolute Kraken – track builder program

Cody+Kellz – tree blocks

TypicalCanadian – blender questions

#Mod-Track channel – answering quesions

Track Info

Track ID: SakuraBeachMx


Total downloads: 2687

Made for Beta 18.

Server Version

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