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Schweyen MX


Hello Riders,

I am happy to announce this track to you guys.
So at first i have to say that this track isn’t my work,it’s all done by PinouF.
I am really excited to have my local track in MX Bikes and i thought some people who are new to the game
maybe doesnt know that this track even exist.

I hope you all having fun on this track and maybe an online server with this track 🙂

OnBoard video from Schweyen:


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Made for Beta 17.

Google Drive

Mod Instructions

Put the folder schweyenmx_v1.0 into your #Motocross folder.
Ingame Track name is Schweyen MX.

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Track is sick hope people get some lobbies on this!! Easy to ride but hard to get a perfect lap, feels good when you’re scrubbing the jumps and start getting smooth, the figure 8 track is probably the best one I’ve rode on this game. I even done 2 laps backwards when I jumped out the 8 onto the track and it still felt good. Would be nice to have a pro version that has some more rough patches to throw you around but this is 10/10 for a first track


I would put more ruts in the corners but other than that track is good.


Is this going to cause that error in online games since this track already exists? It is a fun track 🙂


It shouldn’t, same folder/file name(s) as the version I already had installed from August 2020, schweyenmx_v1.0. Sounds like he was just adding here since original was released in a post on the MX Bikes forum.


Fun map for 125’s

JUSTlp | OneForOne Racing

Nice one Gary!


Thanks for the map mate.