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Scottish Trails MX


I haven’t uploaded anything in a bit as you may have noticed, and this is why! Today I bring you my first track! High speed, full senders, this is your track! I’m so glad I gave it another shot and learned everything I could, because I wanted to do it right. I’m incredibly thankful for the help from fellow creators in the community, it’s made things clearer for me.

UPDATE 8/11: Fixed checkpoint locations and penalties. Must redownload!


Resolute Kraken – YouTube tutorials, track builder application

PiBoSo – Track tools

TFC – YouTube tutorials

Insane – Help

RedRider192 – Semis/Trucks, water, help

Cody James/Kellz – Trees, help

Old Pensioner – Help

BakedMinotaurs – Help

L21 – Help

Frosty122 – Help

Moto Agitato – Banners, HS arch, various assets, YouTube tutorials

Rosshell – Monster Arches

Giopanda – Ascerbis stakes, jersey, various assets

C4 – the perfect whoops

Ultraplex – Finish platform

FredMX – Excavator


Hopefully that’s everyone! Thank you all! Hope you guys dig this track and hope to see yall in a lobby soon!

If you’d like me to add your name, number, etc. to anything I make, HMU on Discord: actuallybuzz#3552



Track Info

Track ID: Scottish Trails MX


Total downloads: 6810

Made for Beta 18.


Changelog 1

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