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Secret SX (WIP)


This is my 3rd and 4th and 5th track, technically, any feedback would be much appreciated, I do plan on updating the track in the future with objects, maybe better textures, backgrounds, etc.

It may be a bit rough around the edges but I wanted to get some feedback before continuing on.

There are multiple line selections in all tracks, I think they flow pretty well, if you don’t think so or have some pointers on how to improve. let me know. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy!!

Discord: Oneshot#5994

bigger images:



AX 2



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Secret SX

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Rage 8D

Thank you for the media fire. Also the track is sickkkkkkk


Loving this map bro! Keep it up


rad track bro keep up the good job


Track is actually really awesome!!! Scaling feels perfect, run up distance, jump size, all of it feels great. a couple jumps seem a little peaky but honestly super great!


Honestly(in my opinion of course) if you get the just spacing a little more flow-y or take some peak off of some of them and maybe remove the tough blocks in the center it would be my favorite sx track. it flows so well i really love it. i just feel sometimes i have to land a little funny to try and downside some stuff


I can add you on discord and send you screen shots of them if you want! And by all means dont think that my opinions here speak for others of course. My comments here are simply from my own perspective and what i personally like seeing


actually i rode it after the changes you made and it seems the ones i was mentioning feel better. the whoops now though are crazy lol


not sure if you’re aware of this already or not, but the tuffblock collisions are happening when you’re next to them, not actually touching them…other than that, i love the size of the features! track is flowy! Good work so far and i look forward to what it turns into!


when i was downloading it was flagged as virus detected, I don’t know if there is a specific reason, just thought i would give a heads up.


Hey man just a heads up, this is getting flagged as a virus everytime I try to download it.


i wasnt able to downlaod windows bit defender stopped me


thank you for being so on this stuff but i have just downloaded it with out a problem


can’t download it says it has a virus


So holy this map is amazing