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January 26, 2024

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Semi Pack v2





  1. Now with blend files instead of .fbx so they will not look weird when you import them in your project. If you need to know how to import objects from another project *Watch this video* ( )
  2. Blend files for truck with or without to help with skinning this asset.
  3. Updated PSDs for simplified workflow with different AO maps for awning or no awning.
  4. Semi Windows are now see-through with Reflection maps for the window, truck/wheels and trailer.
  5. Testing with fbx2edf, I would recommend if using all trucks with or without awning to be a separate scene (fbx file to convert) as loading time to compile takes a little more time than I would like and you can disable the scene in Reso’s program when making changes in your project so it can compile faster.

New pack still includes the same skins in version 1 with 12 skins plus 2 more (atm). Models with awnings are marked with an *A* in this list.

  • MXB mods (Red,Paramoto *updated*) *A*
  • JGR Suzuki (CodyJames) *A*
  • Monster Yamaha (CodyJames) *A*
  • Monster Kawasaki (CodyJames) *A*
  • Redbull KTM (CodyJames) *A*
  • TLD Gas Gas (CodyJames) *A*
  • HRC Honda (CodyJames) *A*
  • Rockstar Husqvarna (CodyJames) *A*
  • Empire KTM (CodyJames)
  • Donut MX (CodyJames)
  • Geico Honda (Paramoto)
  • San manuel Yamaha (ParaMoto)
  • Red Rider Trailer *new*(RedRider) *A*
  • Precision Concepts *new* (ParaMoto) *A*

 Included in this Pack

  • All PSD’s (truck,trailer,hubs/tires,Awning and platform) to make your own rig 
  • 2k dds textures  (for quality but reducing file size and compile time)
  • 2k tga normals (because dds ruins my work)
  • Reflection maps (Windows, Truck, Wheels and trailer) with basic “ENV” folder. Watch this to make your own
  • 3 Blend files (All versions and single semi with and without awning)
  • Single truck
    • Semi Truck    2,295 Tris
    • Semi Trailer     1,921 Tris
    • Semi Truck wheels  2,240 tris
    • Whole Semi Rig  6,456 Tris 
  • Single truck with Awning
    • Semi Truck    2,295 Tris
    • Semi Trailer     1,921 Tris
    • Semi Truck wheels  2,240 tris
    • Semi Awning 452 tris
    • Semi Platform 58 tris
    • Whole Semi Rig with Awning  7,404 Tris


Special thanks and Credits to Paramoto and Cody James for their graphic work and time on this project. You guys are awesome <3

Thanks to all feedback from EW group as well <3

As always if you use this pack, please don’t forget to credit me. (FREE USE ON PAID TRACKS)

Not to be sold as an asset on 3D model websites.

I work really hard to make free quality assets for this community because 1). I don’t want to see ripped content (milestone/Rainbow/insert game) and 2). I want track creators of all skill levels to have an easier time making content by not having to make all these assets themselves.


Total downloads: 129

RR Semi Pack v2
RR Semi Pack v2

Support RedRider197!

Hey there! If you would like to support my work, just know all donations will go towards paying for programs I use to make mods. This is just a 2nd job/hobby type beat for me and donations are not expected. Cheers!

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