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Shell Advance Kawasaki Race Team


Hey guys, Another New Zealand replica pack from me. This is the Shell Advance Kawasaki Race Team which was the factory Kawasaki team in New Zealand in 2020 (title sponsor is now bridgestone). These skins work on the OEM bikes and the OEM model swap variants and the all come with custom stands for Cody James Matrix alloy stand (download link bellow)

The skins are:

MX1 Tyler Steiner #14 (Injured during season and didn’t finish)

MX2 Josiah Natzke #23 and a red plate version included as he held the points lead all year untill the final moto and ended up in second for the season so he only ran the black boards for round one

All bikes: Ryan Hoskins #94 (me, hope you keep them and see me skinned up in game)

Public versions with no numbers including red plates




Credits to OEM team for Stock PSD templates,  LOGN341 for the P2sta wheel import/psd, INSANE for the 3D viewer, PHANTOMZ for the Kawasaki model swaps/psd, CODY JAMES for the stand, lastly FROSTY122 for telling me how to skin the Pro circuit exhaust model swap and for inspiration on the post layout.

Mod dependencies

This mod by Logn341 is needed:

P2sta Wheel import

Mod Instructions

Put the mods folder into "C:\Users\Example\Documents\PiBoSo\MX Bikes" and all skins will self install onto both bikes

Stand instructions will be on Cody James post


Total downloads: 561

Bike Skins
Cody James stand download

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