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Shotty Racing Gear Pack


Hello Racing Community

Today i will present you the Shotty Racing Gears with almost all the riders at the moment.

The Pack includes:

2 Public Gears with shotty logos.

19 Team Gears

1 Glove skin

If u have any questions you can read the README in the folder

See you guys and enjoy your weekend 🙂

Thanks to these guys:

VGContas-Help for make some skins

MXTT-For leading Team Shotty

iNSANE- For the 3D viewer

The original fox gear is from @pay2021 thank you also.

If you have some issues with something hit me up on discord:Gary.#9404

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Mod Instructions

1 Step: Download the Pack with the link
2 Step:Open the folder and select which you want
3 Step: open your paints folder
4 Step:Drop the .pnt data in your folder
5 Step:Look it up ingame (the names are the same as in the folder)



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