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Silver Valley MX Park


Hey y’all!

Here is my second track release. It’s a replica of another regional track to me called Silver Valley MX Park in Lexington, NC. Its a faithful replica for the most part, I did add berms though seeing as the IRL track features almost zero berms. Tracks pretty long and features a mixture of sand and clay. I spent a lot of time tuning how the track rides cause I didn’t want to make it too hard but not too easy.

Thanks to TFC, Ruubs, giopanda, fred_mx, Rosshell, and Agitato for the assets used!

Anyways hope yall enjoy!

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Made for Beta 17.


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this is one of my home tracks thanks a lot for creating it, it looks great. Could you maybe try and make club mx its a local training facility of mine.


I live right by here, another creator made center road mx too that is in Booneville. This track is so sick IRL. I came up short on the big triple, pain.


I love how realistic the sand is. Keep up the good work man!


Yo this track is so fun, have ridden a few laps and already feels super flowy! can’t wait to play some online races! Keep it up!


Looks amazing!


Good track! The flow is very nice. With a better texture, the track would be perfect 🙂


Fun track. Good flow. Only gripes are the dirt colors dont feel natural, and hard reset sets you half way across the track.


This track is one of my top 3 tracks ever and I have downloaded and tried nearly every track on the site.


good track but could you make sfmx if you have free time


Yes southfork I can get videos and pictures if needed, up todate


Yes dude south fork would be so sick!!!


Yes bro South Fork MX!! Going tomorrow, can get some pics and vids for you


I think you should look into Martin MX in Michigan. You have the potential to kill that track.


You should do southfork mx or Morgans corner mx (mototown playground), I get can pictures and videos from both tracks if needed!!


Sick track man. Would love to see South Fork MX or Morgans Corner aka MotoTown Playground!!

Vibin In Hawaii

This track is sooooo good. I love the sand and clay sections as well. 10/10


would love to see Arizona Cycle Park in MX bikes…


Is there a high quality version of this track coming out? this one looks like it would run fairly well on a mobile device


looks sick, im about to try it out. you should check out dunns playground mx its one of the gnarliest compounds you can find. theres fmx, sx, amateur mx and a pro track that has a 210ft+ its basically a rollercoaster on a dirtbike, heres a couple videos. i can grab a gopro video for you if you decide you want to make it, these videos arent mine (42) GOPRO – DANNY DUNN – RIDE ALONG POV – DUNN’S PLAYGROUND MOTOCROSS – YouTube (42) Dunn’s Playground 2021 | YZ250F Raw Sounds | GOPRO HERO 9 – YouTube


Awesome map man, thanks for the all the hardwork creating it!