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Sinistra YZ 250F Replica


What is up, dudes?

This is my most elaborate mod so far! This bike is known as “SINISTRA”, and IRL it belongs to Patrick Gaspareto. He is a Brazilian youtuber that makes trail videos, and this is his bike. Although not perfect, this mod took me a lot of work.

As this took me very long to do, please give me some feedback on the comments! I hope you guys enjoy it, and if there’s any problems, please let me know!

If anyone wants me to make a custom skin, just DM me on Discord: MTBSP14 #4556

Some more pics for you guys:

Thanks to:

  • GREENLENUX for the “How to make bikes skins” video on Youtube;
  • PAY2021 for the 2020 FOX COMPLETE V2 PACK gear;
  • LANCER for the 2021 SHIFT 3LACK LABEL gloves;
  • PAY2021 for the HELMET MEGA PACK 1;
  • PAY2021 for the 2020 FOX INSTINCT;
  • PATF122 and FROSTY for the FROSTY’S YZF PSD – BETA 15 OEM’S;
  • PIBOSO for the software.
  • Track: Enduro, by PiBoSo

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