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SINNERS COVE Featuring the 2024 SEATTLE SX – Beaver Trails MX – Woodbury Cty MX


The Details:

OVER 50 – Designed and planned FREERIDE JUMPS plus terrain specifically molded to create your own
Number of tracks: 3
Track types: Supercross (replica), National, Localcross, Freeride



  • ’24 Sinners SEATTLE SX is inspired by a combination of the real event, the map, and video game fun.  The original reason for starting the project was to test my scaling and some ”rutted” SX replica sections.
  • ’24 Sinners Woodbury Cty MX was previously a public motocross track funded by the County before being closed.  It’s now a practice track for the locals and features whooped out sand sections following the water’s edge before transitioning to loamy, jump filled dirt hillside sections.
  • ’24 Sinners Beaverdale Trails MX started as a ”BMX dirt jump trails” track for Motocrossers, but the Checkerz Built crew decided to widen the course and host an event using their Supercross starting gate for the locals.  It’s a mix between a Freeride trail, Supercross track, practice track, and motocross course.  It may have a slight identity crisis, but it flows like a cool beverage after a day at the track.Tested and built on OEM Honda CRF450R primarily

The Story (read in your best Karen news reporter voice):

The Ozarks are a popular family vacation destination… or at least most of it is!  Today’s story looks a little different. A bunch of annoying dirt bike drivers have taken over Woodbury County’s previously glorious valley called Sinner’s Cove on the outskirts of Beaverdale, MO. The county’s public riding park featured an MX track that was permanently closed and abandoned as locals claimed it was polluting their beaches.

That was before a design and excavation company called ”Checkerz Built” moved in and has let motorbikers roam the valley with no consequence. The lousy business owner most known for doing pop-wheelies while airborne on his offroad moped, added a professionally built Supercross track replica of Seattle’s 2024 race and some sort of ”BMX trails for motorbikers” called Beaverdale Trails MX on his property too.

Now that biker hooligans have over-run the valley, they have built ramps everywhere from the beach to the docks and even over the massive river.  Bikers are ripping down the road at all hours gaining speed to ramp off massive hills in death defying stunts.  We even saw one biker named Qwestshun JUMPING OVER THE HOUSE that the business owner constructed on the property.

The Cove has been over-run by these adrenaline fueled dare devils who are constantly doing burn-outs in the grass and beaches.  Many business owners have left to no longer deal with the biker rebels and only the sleeziest of businesses have been brain-washed by the biker gang to stay open.  They constantly are blaring music, revving their bikes and even party until the early hours of the morning sometimes. Outsiders no longer dare visit the off-road rebel controlled valley, once a glorious vacation paradise and romantic lookout in the Ozarks.

Until next week’s episode, this is Kry Baby Karen saying, ”These dirty sinners need to put down their bikes and pick up their bibles to go to church!”



The Credits:
Red/Kellz and Cody/Gio/Earthworks and anyone releasing additional assets for the community to use!
RK – Track Editor
TFC – Tutorial vids
Qwestshun – The sky cubes and making me add on and not finalize this track 5 times adding over 200 hours and a couple months to the release
KeLLz – Not calling me an idiot when I constantly broke things and had questions
The boys in KTW for the Beta session laughs






Track Info

Track ID: SinnersCovebyCheckz

Soil Types (track materials)

Soft Soil


Total downloads: 2828

Made for Beta 18.

Sinners Cove Mediafire
Sinners Cove Mega
Server Version
Sinners Cove By Checkz Server Version (must unzip file)

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