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SKDA Judge Graphics KTM – V2


This is a recreation of SKDA’s Judge graphics kit for the KTM. It comes in 4 colourways and fits all KTM’s including 2 strokes. Also comes with 4 custom fonts to match each colourway. Unfortunately the positioning of the numbers on the side plates is slightly off due to limitations of the model, but isn’t very noticeable.

This is my first bike skin and has been a labour of love to squeeze as much detail into it as I possibly could. I put a lot of effort into small details and the specular and reflection maps to make the bikes as sexy as possible from every angle. Worth checking out in game, the pics don’t do them justice.

Massive thanks to Frosty122 for helping me with the 2t engine, to NghtShft for letting me use his fantastic 2t expansion chamber texture (from this bike) and to everyone on the Discord who answered all my many, many questions.


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