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Snocross Pack V2 “Polestar – 600RR” and “Pro-X”


After many, many delays. The wait is over, With a Surprise…

Welcome to the Snocross Pack V2

featuring the ”Polestar – 600RR” and ”Polestar – Pro-X”


Polestar – 600RR

This is much more than a model swap. After months of playing with the physics, settings, and completely overhauling everything from Snocross Pack V.1. I believe we finally have a Snowmobile that rides, handles and feels like a race sled!

 The new ”Polestar – 600RR”, has many suspension options for fine tuning your setup, I really like leaving it that way so people can really dial these in. I am not a ”Professional Rider” in MXB what so ever, so leaving the options open I think can help riders get the feel they want from it within realism. Setup to ride on Sand as its the closest feel to snow. I Suggest extending swingarm length if the front end is lifting too much. I also run 8” Dual Front carbides and a 2” paddle Track. More on this BELOW VVV

 Tire settings in the garage have been re-worded for now. We haven’t started working on tire files yet. Still have not learned how to remove or lock psi for tires either, sleds obviously don’t have tires to inflate or deflate lol. Front Tires (Ski Carbides) are treated as followed

8” Dual Carbides = Soft Tire – 6” Dual Carbide = Soft Mid – 8” Single Carbide = Hard Mid –  6” Single Carbide =  Hard Tire

Track Options was something I really wanted to bring into game. Also cosmetically for now over rear tire options. Rear Tires (Tracks) work as followed.

2” Paddle Studs = Soft Tire – 1.5” Paddle Studs = Soft Mid – 2” Paddle = Hard Mid –  1.5” Paddle =  Hard Tire

Detail was something very important to me for this release. Snocross Pack V1 was nothing more than a test mod to see if this was truly possible. The ”Polestar – 600RR” is the next step in introducing fun, realistic Snocross Racing to MXBikes! Months were spent getting the 3D mesh as close as possible within my 3D modeling and texture abilities. I had decided I didn’t want to rush release until I felt a quality Mod for the community was completed, and I apologize for so many delays. But trust me it was worth every day of it. ALL NEW SOUND Files have been done as well! I know many were not the biggest fan of V1’s sound mod being my first attempt. Trust me, it isn’t an easy task running my Race sled on a stand, recording different RPM ranges, then putting them together.    My neighbors are not a fan of it LOL.

An all new engine dyno has been re worked from real dyno sheets. And i’ve also REMOVED the front Brakes

(Front brake sound is still active but they do nothing)

They’re are still many updates to current small issues id like to address in the future. 1: That I still am unable to get a Shadow model to work. An on going issue nobody has been able to figure out yet. 2: Being the ski’s moving together in axis. I do feel its possible to change this, its just figuring it out on my part. And 3: being No front suspension animations. Lets hope I can have these addressed by the near future.

Many more Graphics sets available within pack, and full Template .PSD’s.


Polestar – Pro-x

This was a fun little side project while my test riders rode the 600RR. A classic ”Old Iron” race sled. Its nothing fancy, a quick throw together that I thought would be a fun added bonus. This sled has slightly tweaked handling from the 600RR, its not as agile but can still be very competitive with the other ”Snocross” Chassis.

I hope everybody enjoys this passion project of mine. Even if your not into Snocross, these things are very fun to ride, I will continue to introduce more chassis/Brands and tracks throughout the months with any free time I have. I really do hope the community enjoys it as much as I do, and create graphics kits or tracks for people to enjoy them with.

Id really like to thank Paramoto910 for so much help regarding my many questions, introducing me to some excellent people in the Earthwurx crew when this all started and helping with whatever he could in his spare time. While also creating these amazing renders for my release! He’s got some cool stuff in store for the Snocross Pack as well!

Don’t forget to leave a rating and comment, your opinions matter alot and can only help us improve!

Have Fun Racing! and Best Regards, DevoPROCworks

Mod Instructions

INSTALL THE SAME AS ANY BIKE MODEL. Copy/Drag/Drop "bikes" folder into MXB Mods Folder. This will copy both .pkz files and corresponding folders at once. Install instructions in download as well.


Total downloads: 872

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

bikes folder, templates and how to install.

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