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Solitude Visuals x Frosted Paint Co. 2023 Fantic XXF 450 Collab



Here she is, the SVxFPC collab bike I teased in the FB group.


First off I want to thank Austin for letting me do this. He had a great skin already made (which you can find here) and he was kind enough to let me put my own touch on it. This is the end result.

I added black spokes with pink nipples to the wheels (must have giopanda wheels for them to work) and I also added reflection maps on the plastics and metals. Shoutout to Frosty for teaching me how to do that. It’s not perfect as I’m no pro but they give the bike that extra pop that I think really takes the skin over the top. Also, make sure your reflections are on in game for it to work. I made that mistake before lol.


I have the OEM supporter model swap with the different bars and the Yoshi exhaust, I didn’t edit any of that from what Austin had so whatever is on his bike that I linked should be whats on this.

If you have the supporter swap, the paint is packed with customized pro taper bars that I also added a reflection map to and brightened up a little. (Photos were taken before I did the bars.)


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Austin for letting me add my touch to his skin

OEM Team for the new bikes

Frosty for all the help he’s given me

Piboso for game



Mod dependencies

This mod by giopanda is needed:

[release v1.0] Dunlop Geomax MX33 + Excel Signature rims


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