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Sound Mods 2023 – Updated



**If you ahave already downloaded and installed this mod, Overwrite with this new download as there was a typo in the KX450 sound causing a gap between the limiter and on/off engine sounds. This has now been fixed**

Huge thank you to BEYER for allowing me to use and edit his already awesome collection of Sound Mods. None of this would have been possible without him. I cannot image the hundreds, if not thousands of hours that went into developing the existing bike sounds.

Firstly, All of Beyers existing sounds are now included in this download. The links were broke for some people which is out of my control. All resources required to make this work are now included.

Second. Download the link to my updated sound mods as a zip folder. Extract to your desktop. You will see one folder named MODS. Inside this folder are bike sound templates and new samples required for the IRL idle and limiters.  Copy this MODS FOLDER and PASTE it directly on your existing MODS folder. This will install new sounds and templates. If the bike sounds dont work you have not installed them correctly and need to go back to read this paragraph again. Copy only the mods folder from the download once extracted and paste only the mods folder over the existing mods folder in your files (wherever they are located on your PC)


Third. If you want to use these sound mods for other bikes simply open your bike folders containing your favorite sound  and copy the eng.scl and sfx.cfg files and paste them into you bike folder of choice.


The updated Sound Mods consist of IRL Idles and Limiters and use BEYER’s existing pack for the majority of the bike sounds with some audio sauce baked in. The aim is to work in conjuction with the existing sound mods, not replace any. This will just add some variety to the existing pack.


**Again, Please read the instructions CAREFULLY and THOROUGHLY**

Any issues, hit me up in the comments and i will help when i get time.


These sounds are confirmed working by community members.



Total downloads: 22876

Sound Mods 2023 - Updated

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