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Spring Creek (Millville) 2020


This track has been a real labor of love for me and I have learned so much while developing this “love letter” to MX Bikes. The track is thoughtfully designed as I spent many hours thinking about each rut, the shape of each hill and essentially every other factor of this track. I am so excited to share this project with the community and it is my hope the addition of Millville (Spring Creek) 2020 in your MXB library will bring you joy and lots of fun racing!

I have streamed most of the creation process (minus a few steps at the very beginning), which has been a lot of fun for me and plan to do again in the future. To catch everyone up on the progress myself and others have been making on the track, check out the videos below. They’re broken down into parts, and I test the track several times in each video.

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