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Spun Valley MX


Hey Friends!

You guys might or might not have been wondering why you haven’t really seen any bike/gear mods from me lately.
Thats because I have been working on this.

Anyway, this is a fantasy track straight from my brain. I’m still new to track building so
helpful/constructive/kind feedback is much appreciated. It means more than you think
and makes everything worth it so dont be shy!




1. Motocross track with some SX/SMX influenced sections
2. Big floaters
3. Peaked doubles
4. Split choice sections (desgigned so that split sections are timed evenly for fair racing)
5. A long lake that winds throughout the track
6. The right amount of roughness so its challenging but not punishing
7. Good elevation change
8. Made to accomodate all skill levels
9. Wide variety of obstacles
10. 40 pits
11. 30 gates



1. If you mess up in a section dont try to keep jumping through the rest of it. Instead just go around an obstacle or 2
so you can get your momentum back up. Yeah you’ll get a timing cut or 2 to make it fair for everyone else but you’ll be flowing again.

2. If you’re able to take corners and maintain good momentum most of the time you’ll want to ride
one of the OEM 250F’s.

3.If you aren’t the best at keeping momentum or you crash often then hop on something faster like an E10 Factory 250f or OEM 350/450.

4. Use your brain and be on time or you’re going to wad yourself up.

5. Don’t trip if you fall in the water. It’s not the easiest to get back onto dry land but definitely
do-able if you do fall in.

6. When in doubt, send it.



Resolute Kracken – Track Building Tool
Red Rider – Testing, Water/Dump Trucks, and Water Help
ConsumingClouds – Testing/Feedback
Ryan Cardo – Garages
Cody & Kellz – Y Tree Pack
Matrica – Mask/Chromlum Help
KingMX818 – Heightmap Info


Red Rider – You’re awesome and super humble. I cannot thank you enough.
ConsumingClouds – You are a great friend dont ever change!
Matrica – Thanks dude, I appreciate you.
KingMX818 – Thanks for the tips.


Enjoy guys!

Track Info

Track ID: Spun Valley


Total downloads: 3303

Made for Beta 18.

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Mega Server Version


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