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State Flow


Welcome to State Flow MX, my first ever track creation – very happy to get any feedback you have on it for the next one as it’s been a learning experience the whole way through (I’m a YouTuber, I can handle feedback!)

Track’s built for 450s, but it is still rideable on a 125, you might just need to stretch a few things out…

Speaking of stretching out, there are a couple of big 450 lines for you to explore too, the goal was for some sections to be quite risk/reward based.

I hope you enjoy riding it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Note: it lacks elevation, didn’t want to stretch too far for my first track, but hopefully it’s enjoyable anyway… Also erode is quite strong, just how I like it, so if that’s not your preference, turn it down!


HUGE shout out to these people:

Red Rider – for most of the assets used

Kellz & Cody – for the trees and bushes

Giopanda – for the stakes and a couple of other little assets

Agitato – for basically all of the other assets

Lynds – for the tutorial vids which I put countless hours into watching

Resolute Kraken – you should all know why


Pics below:

Track Info

Track ID: JB_StateFlow1.pkz


Total downloads: 2891

Made for Beta 18.

User version (Mediafire)
Server Version
Server version (Mediafire)

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