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Steezy Mx – Indianapolis 2024


2024 Rd.10 Birmingham Supercross Triple mfn Crown. Steezy Studios build #16. Located in Indianapolis, IN

From the looks of it, I’ve started a track building frenzy lately. They won’t admit it but the inspiration is evident. Hope you enjoy. Rd. 10 Indy SX. Trying to get ahead of the curve again, expect Seattle soon. It’s a constant battle to find time but I should have Seattle out before next Friday. On another note,

These tracks are designed for riders to get a sneak peak of the track layout for the main series held by ARL. They are not designed to look the greatest given the amount of time I have to build and release each track. I do the best I can, work my ass and make them to the best of my abilities. Also I am not affiliated with ARL. I’m looking forward to honing my skills through the season and continuing to give you guys great tracks

I will be releasing every round of The 2024 Monster Energy Supercross season.

This series came together thanks to Jordan | PDR x Sentinel, Follow him on Discord. He psyched me up to try my hand at supercross and now im 9 rounds in lol

Testers- MxbBrayden, NoobMaster Powdered, JBPlayz


Red Rider – Tuff Blocks and track build support

Resolute Kraken – Program

TFC Mods, Mouk Lab, Dylan Frisch- Tutorials

Agitato, Ruubs, GioPanda, – Assets

Rosshell – Monster Finish

MxSim – SMR – Over Under

Anyone else I forgot to mention I apologize but I think I got everyone.


Total downloads: 5879

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

Server Version Indianapolis 2024 Server Pkz
Server Version
Mediafire Indianapolis 2024 Server Pkz
Optional WinRar Indianapolis 2024
Mediafire WinRar Indianapolis 2024

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