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Stonepoint Rd1 – BMGfx


My second track release is here! Had the idea to replicate an MX vs. ATV Reflex track because this game is what brought me to MX Bikes. I played it for years since it came out and I’ve gotta thank people like Tylyn, Something Rad and Skootypuff Jr for getting me into MX Bikes! This took about a month to make and I wanted to do it right, especially for my second go at track making. It was an interesting process getting the scaling right so that it translates with the physics engine of MX Bikes. You can run a 250 and 450 on here. Multiple available lines like in Reflex. I’m able to clear 90% of the big lines on the 250 myself!



RedRider – Endless amount of help, stadium, gate, finish, bales, and semis assets. An actual GOAT.

Steezy – Texturing help. Seriously the man for showing me how its done.

Agitato – Holeshot arch.

Janes46 – Night skydome.

Kellz & Cody – Trees.

TheFluffyGecko – FMX ramps and landing.

DirtTwister – Track map from Reflex. Made doing this quite a bit easier!


For video of a lap around the track, CLICK HERE or click the thumbnail!

I did really enjoy making this and I wanna put even more tracks out in the future! I hope you guys like what I put together here! 🙂


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Track Info

Track ID: Stonepoint Rd1

Mod Instructions

Double-click the downloaded Track Version ZIP file to open it.

Now drag the folder titled 'Stonepoint Rd1' into C:/Users/.../Documents/PiBoSo/MX Bikes/Tracks/Supercross.


Total downloads: 2872

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

Track Version
Server Version

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