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Supermoto OEM Templates


OEM Supermoto (v0.15.1/2020) & GioPanda Dunlop Templates

This is a compilation of all the templates I have managed to find for the Supermoto bikes. Some were a bit of a pig to find and I had to use wayback machine to find a few, but I got there in the end and to help others out with this I thought I’d pack them all together and re-upload them.

(CRF, CR, RMZ, RM, YZF, KTM, FC/TC, KXF, TM & GioPanda Dunlop wheels) (If anyone has any missing templates like the YZ, do gods work please and either send them over, or upload them)

Credits go to the OEM Team, GioPanda, Frosty etc for their work on these templates!

Example YZF450 skin in the thumbnail is credited to Chase, thanks man!


Total downloads: 416

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