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SX Fuente Alamo


This is a reproduction of a supercross track in Spain, in the city of Murcia, it is not intended to be a replica since I have added objects that are not in reality to improve the visual of the track and make it more beautiful for the game.

thanks to:
StoneRider, Ruubs, Resolute Kraken and Insane for helping me with many doubts that I have had as it was my first track.
Also thanks to many other content creators who have helped me by answering my messages.
And of course to SXSA and the entire Spanish mxbikes community for helping me try it and enjoy it with me.

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Made for Beta 17.

SX Fuente Alamo
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Server Version

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Pretty fun track everything seems kinda peaky, awesome atmosphere can definitely bang out some laps. great job


very cool track, love the night time vibe with the stars, only thing i can notice is corners need maybe a center rut?? maybe its a skill issue but corners seem like ice to me lol. love the track tho. very flowy.


really god job 🙂 i like the flow of the track and it makes a lot of fun. keep up the good work!


THIS IS SICK!!!! i live 15minutes away from this event and have been to watch it many times.