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SX Winner 2023 – Anaheim 1 – JPD


Hello everybody, I have decided that imma make a replica pack after every SX race of the season, and probably also MXGP, WSX, and Pro MX when they all start, which will include the winners from the races on the weekend. So, starting it off, we have the Anaheim 1 2023 winners pack, with the previous years champs, Jett Lawrence and Eli Tomac winning their classes. After those performances, I can’t bet against them for the championships, but hopefully it stays interesting.

Hopefully you guys enjoy, of course there is public versions, and a number 449 version for a very generous man named Joseph who donated a SIGNIFICANT amount today and was very good to work with for custom gear. Thankyou to him.

Also thankyou to iNsane for the 3D viewer, life saver. And thankyou to the mod guys in Discord, you know who you are, who are always super supportive and awesome to chat with, always helpful. The community is genuinely in a really good spot right now I think, and the OEM’s have definitely helped. Can’t not mention them, super sick bikes. Thankyou to the entire OEM team.

If you guys like what I make, consider checking out my Discord channel JP Designs, has all my gear there for 2023 and most of my 2022 and 2021 stuff. If you want custom kits, hmu on Discord privately. Any and all donations, kind comments, and constructive criticisms are massively appreciated.

Thx guys, enjoy.

JP Designs Discord Server – https://discord.gg/3kDVUJxG5Q

My Discord – Petch195#7666


SX Winners 2023 - A1 - JPD

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