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SX WInners 2023 – Anaheim 2 – JPD


Hey guys, not the day of this time, but I still got this one out as quick as possible, super late night for me haha.

This one was difficult to do quickly coz Sexton’s kit was so detailed, but anyways yeah its replicas of Sexton, Kitchen, and Bennick. I decided to include the SX Futures winners in this pack in future. Also the Kitchen replica is the same as in my Lit Kits Thor pack lmao, I didn’t think he would win so I just put it in that pack before he won so its ended up in both.

Also Jett and Eli kits are taking a week off I suspect, they’ll probably be back haha. I will be making the new Fox, the Anti Social Astars gear, and the Ken Block Astars tribute gear, so keep an eye out for those.

If you guys like what I make, check out my Discord, JP Designs, where I post all my updates. If you want custom kits, private message me on Discord, but I have got too busy to do anything except gear at this point. Any and all donations, nice comments, and constructive criticisms are massively appreciated.

Thx guys, enjoy this one, first true cutom kit of the SX season!

JP Designs – https://discord.gg/3kDVUJxG5Q

My Discord – Petch195#7666


SX Winners 2023 - A2 - JPD

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