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SX Winners 2024 – Anaheim 2 – JPD


Well that was a crazy race but we still know nothing about who will win the championship in the 450 class, as the top 6 guys are all separated by 10 points, and we have 4 different winners in 4 races. The 250 class is similar, but we have more of a picture of who will win, maybe purely because the series is shorter so guys like Thrasher are out, even though he’s on form right now.

This pack includes a public and replica version of both Webb and Kitchen’s kits from the Anaheim 2 triple crown, both cool kits, although I prefer the Fox over that recycled 2023 kit from Thor.

If you like what I upload, check out my Discord, JP Designs, where I post updates on all my projects. I am not allowed to post the link here but if you’d like to join just message me on Discord, my inbox is open. You can also contact me on Discord if you need anythign custom made.

Any and all nice comments, constructive criticisms, and donations are massively appreciated.

Thx guys, cya


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SX Winners 2024 - Anaheim 2 - JPD

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