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SX Winners 2024 – Indianapolis – JPD


Round 10 of SX 2024 is done and I honestly think it’s just Jett’s at this point (sad face lmao). I’m Aussie and a Jett fan, so stoked, but I think it’ll unfortunately be boring to watch. 250 classes are both super interesting still at least haha.

Stoked for Cam, he’s been riding awesome, so it’s cool to see him get a win, and tbh I think he has a very very good shot at finally getting a title, with no worse finish than second except for the race where there was the start crash, he is by far the most consistent from race to race, and deserved a win.

Not much to say for Jett, just phenomenal ride, 3 in a row, 21 point lead, only Cooper Webb is within one race worth of point of him. Looking a lot like Tomac 2022 kinda scenarion tbh, and wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to win 5 in a row like Tomac did that year as well.

Included in this pack is replica and public versions of Cameron Mcadoo and Jett Lawrence’s kits from Indianapolis SX 2024. Jett’s kit is cool but reused from multiple previous races, Cam’s is new from Fox’s recent releases, so stoked to have some variety and new kits.

Hope you guys enjoy these. If you like what I upload then check out my Discord, JP Designs, where I post updates on all my projects. I am not allowed to post the invite link here, but if you’d like to join then just msg me on Discord, my inbox is open. You can also msg me on Discord if you’d like some stuff custom made.

Thx guys, enjoy!


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SX Winners 2024 - Indianapolis - JPD

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