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SX Winners – Denver – JPD



This is because they are being uploaded significantly after the race, so I have no relevant commentary, and it would take a long time to write a pointless long description for each pack individually.

Rather, will explain why they are late. First, there was obviously the hack which caused MXB Mods and iNlock to be unavailable for quite some time. I have since been catching up on the Winner’s Packs that I missed out one (Including MXGP), as there was quite a few.

I have also been, and will continue to be, focused on my university studies, as this is the biggest priority in my life. I will upload MXGP Winner’s packs in the next few days, and I am committing to the rest of the year for Winner’s packs (MX and SMX included), however they may not be as timely as they have been over the last year and a bit.

I would like to say sorry that they are so late, but also that I am very glad to be back and up to date with these things. I apologise to those who are waiting on orders and projects to be worked on, I am doing my best, please be patient, I will get to it.

As always I hope you guys enjoy these packs, it was encouraging to see so many people missed them when they were gone, so thankyou for the support!

If anybody is interested in my projects, I post more regularly in my Discord, JP Designs, however I am not allowed to post the invite here. If you would like an invite please just message me on Discord, my inbox is open. You can also message me if you need anything made, however please keep in mind there are currently indefinite waiting times for orders.

Thx for the support guys, appreciate it!

My Discord: petch195


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SX Winners 24 - Denver - JPD

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Thankyou so much for the support, it is very much appreciated!

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